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Operating room polyurethane wall paint
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The operating room is a high environmental requirements of the hospital, requiring the use of electrolytic plate overall coverage, to achieve seamless airtight effect, clean requirements are also high, the interior material must be achieved without cracking, no dust, scratch, surface pollution, Resistant to chemical corrosion and other requirements. Bright leopard is a member of the Group Enterprise Group, the main production and sales of wall paint materials;

Usually the operating room by the electrolytic plate stitching together in the stitching inevitably produce gaps, easy to breed bacteria, easy to dust, not easy to disinfect, so it is difficult to achieve the operating room clean and sterile requirements. In order to reduce the security risks, usually in the splicing through the scraping ash on the patch joints to repair, and then the overall spraying of medical and health water-based paint.

Operating room special coating must have the performance: must be water-based environmental protection, strong adhesion, antibacterial durability, good resistance to corrosion and corrosion. Guangzhou Leopard company launched the operating room wall system solutions.

Material composition:

Primer, the use of water-based polyurethane anti-rust primer, and metal substrate has a good bonding force, bonding strength of 0, while the material by adding anti-rust fillers, etc., can achieve the purpose of rust.

Topcoat, the use of bright leopard antibacterial composite isolation paint, can achieve a good decorative and antibacterial effect, the third party testing agencies to verify the antibacterial effect> 99.98%.

Varnish, the product is a two-component water-based polyurethane material, with matte effect, is combined with bright leopard antibacterial composite paint a layer of coating, its high hardness, hardness> 2H, while providing a good Anti-corrosion effect.

Construction process:

(1) basic treatment: the electrolytic plate after splicing, the solder joints are polished, polished finished, the solder joints and splicing seam with atomic ash to repair, until the atomic ash dry, the whole with 80 mesh sandpaper polished again, clean up the dust The It is best to carry out primer construction within 12 hours of foundation grinding.

(2) Primer, can be sprayed or roller coating construction, primer for the two-component material, according to the correct ratio of A: B = 8: 1 (mass ratio) ratio of mixing, mixing even after mixing, adding AB The amount of 15 to 20% of the water, then stirring 2 to 3 minutes, using airless spray, the amount of 0.1KG / m2. Roll coating 0.12KG / m2. Construction temperature above 5 ℃, humidity control in 80% or less. To prevent the rust, the primer is completed after 12 hours of finish construction.

(3) topcoat, can be sprayed or roller coating construction, the topcoat is two-component, according to the correct ratio of A: B = 1: 1 ratio of mixing, mixing even after adding AB total 10 ~ 15% Of water and then stir 2 to 3 minutes, you can start the construction, the amount of rolling coated 0.2KG / m2, spraying the amount of about 0.25KG / m2. Construction 12 hours after the cover varnish.

(4) varnish, the use of roller or spray construction, according to the correct ratio A: B = 6: 1 mixing, mixing evenly construction, the amount of about 0.1KG / square meter, the full curing time of 48 hours.


(1) between the primer and the finish of the construction interval of 12 hours, not more than 48 hours, to maintain the continuity of construction. Due to primer spray thin, too long, thin place may produce rust point.

(2) because the color of the substrate and the atomic color of the patch, the first local atomic gray place thin spray multi-channel, and then the overall coverage so that the color is basically the same, so conducive to the cover of the paint.

(3) the construction of the humidity control in 80% or less, try to keep the ventilation, to prevent the grinding of metal back to rust, so as to avoid the phenomenon of rust after the construction of the phenomenon. If the rust, and the construction of the primer before the local rust treatment.

(4) to be under construction after the end of the inspection to prevent the phenomenon of leakage on the primer, to find out after the brush, to prevent local rust, so that after the end of the coating after the rust.

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