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Parking floor coating system
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Parking lot floor paint construction program:


Parking floor paint construction program includes: floor color design, personnel safety, engineering specifications production, marking line division, floor cleaning and maintenance.


Parking lot floor coating system consists of garage aisle, parking spaces, runway runway three parts of the coating composition, parking garage, aisle parking spaces, in technical requirements, construction procedures and ordinary epoxy thin coating, epoxy Mortar flat coating no difference, you can refer to the usual construction and design.


1, the parking lot parking area for the formation of the ground, you can use 0.5mm epoxy flat painted paint, and flatness and poor surface of the ground, you can use 1-3mm epoxy mortar floor, pharmaceutical requirements can be used 1- 3mm epoxy self-leveling floor, the type of channel due to frequent travel, relative to the parking area, the design should be strengthened, you can use 1-3mm epoxy mortar floor. The color is usually green, the car channel width according to the scene set, usually two-way lane should not be less than 6 meters, one-way lane should not be less than 3 meters, pedestrian access to 1.5-2 meters, the channel on both sides of the yellow mark line , Line width 8-12mm.


2, the car can mark the channel can be used yellow or white logo paint arrows to indicate the direction of the car and the parking area, such as A parking area, B parking area and C parking area.


3, parking spaces set by the parking area of the ground area structure set parking spaces, cars can usually be designed for 2.5-3.0 m X5-6 m, marking line width 8-12mm, parking spaces using yellow or white mark line to draw.


4, the cylinder treatment: to increase the parking area of the eye-catching, to avoid reversing the column encountered, the bottom of the column 1.0-1.2 meters below the yellow and white can be used to indicate the zebra crossing.


5, the vehicle entrance ramp no vibration non-slip floor, the vehicle entrances and exits must have anti-skid, to eliminate the role of noise, and some parking lot construction has been taken into account, and its construction into corrugated uneven ground, in which case only a part Painted line channel color, part of the other painted another color, two colors can be a white. If the civil construction is not designed to consider non-slip requirements, in the construction of the floor should be used here should be used AKF anti-skid floor, and non-slip aggregate diameter should be larger, usually not less than 2mm in diameter, depending on the slope of the slope and select the appropriate Diameter non-slip aggregate.


6, the wall treatment: wall paint and the wall and the ground is not the same color, can play a reminder in the car when the role. But not too high, generally 0.2-0.7 meters can be. Use dark green and light gray to mark.


7, parking spaces should be numbered, numbered by region can be divided into C01-CXX, B01-BXX, A01-AXX ,, number font can be used in yellow or white, font size format for the bold 1000-1200 word more appropriate.

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