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Stone refurbished machine
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This section of stone renovation machine after years of experience in the accumulation of stone conservation, research and development of the latest multi-functional stone refurbished machine. Breakthrough granite, marble traditional renovation and maintenance methods. Especially for the high hardness of granite stone renovation, in improving the weight of the machine, speed and grinding force and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade. Using the best grinding and polishing methods, excellent renovation effect. A multi-purpose machine, simple operation, saving time and effort, ultra-low noise. Can be on the ground stone grinding, polishing, crystal hard treatment, while solving the stone laying renovation stone cutting, the surface leveling problems can be long high-speed operation, greatly reducing the cost of refurbishment and supplies, stone renovation and maintenance works must be The latest refurbished equipment and construction means.


Stone refurbished machine can be folded to adjust the handle of the latest design, both beautiful and practical; separate weight, reduce the handling weight. With the product-specific supplies, breakthrough stone renovation problems, so that you become a stone in a short time the industry renovation industry elite. In addition TPS stone refurbished machine, but also for tiles, tiles, microcrystalline stone on-site renovation and re-processing.

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