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Concrete vibration ruler
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Uses: concrete vibrator for the discharge of concrete in the air, scraping the concrete surface, enhance the density of concrete.



1, instead of the traditional construction process in the drum and scratch the two processes, reducing costs and improve efficiency.


2, the body with durable aluminum alloy material, the overall lightweight, easy to use, safe, high flatness.


3, aluminum alloy blade durable, high flatness.


4, handle height adjustable, suitable for different height of the operator.


5, blade replacement is simple, the floor length of 1-4 meters can be customized. Technical parameters Model: YH-25 Weight kg: 25kg Drive system: soft shaft Power: four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine Model: Honda GX35 Maximum output power kw (hp): 1.2 (1.6) Maximum speed rpm: 5200 Gas tank capacity L: 0.65 Dimension mm: L2500 * W1400 * H960

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