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Dalian Shenyang driving type smoothing machine double disc trowel machine
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Uses: suitable for the size of the construction site, can be indoor and outdoor smoothing operation. Widely used in high standard factory buildings, warehouses, squares, airports, parking lots, pavement, road and bridge maintenance, concrete surface of the mention of pulp, smoothing, is the first choice for concrete construction equipment.

Product features: driving-type smoothing machine to reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency. With a double plate and the fuselage weight of the characteristics of the ground with a better compaction effect, can quickly mention pulp; mechanical steering operating system, reflecting the sensitive, easy control; equipped with Honda, 100 power to start the engine, to provide strong Reliable power, stable operation; unique safety handle can make the operator safe control, easy operation; adjustable handle so that the operator feel comfortable and reduce fatigue.

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