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BR-106 acrylic resin
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product description


Origin: Japan


Grade: BR-106


Appearance: white powder


Volatile: ≥98


Packing: 25 kg / bag


Japan's Mitsubishi acrylic resin BR-106 is a thermoplastic acrylic resin for the production of plastic coatings, BR-106 and other Mitsubishi resin, are white powder, but also from the dry acrylic resin, widely used in road crossed Paint and a variety of plastic, ink.


BR-113 and BR-116 are also used in the production of plastic paint resin, Mitsubishi BR-106 and other resin compatibility is good, the BR-113 and BR-116 is a thermoplastic resin for the production of plastic coatings, BR- Weatherability is also strong.

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