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SYLOWHITE SM405 extinction powder
  • General situation of product
  • Applicable scope
  • Performance and characteristics
  • Technical indicators

Product Introduction


SYLOWHITE?SM 405 is a tasteless, precipitated synthetic amorphous aluminum silicate, white powder, free flow.


Can replace titanium dioxide, whiteness is good, cost-effective

Application areas


- High quality waterborne coatings (interior and exterior) and DIY coatings


- High quality solvent-based coatings and DIY coatings


- Industrial coatings


- printing inks


Main performance

Main performance


SYLOWHITE?SM 405 is a fine particle size, precipitated amorphous aluminum silicate with good dispersibility. Because of its high purity, good particle size distribution and high whiteness, SYLOWHITE?SM 405 is mainly used for coating and In addition to 20% titanium dioxide, SYLOWHITE?SM 405 not only reduces the overall cost of pigment-based coatings, but also improves hiding power and increases the amount of pigment, which can be used as a coloring agent for functional pigments. Whiteness and impact resistance.

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