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TS-530 Cabot Silica
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Application: powder coating, varnish

Product Features: anti-settling agent, rarely increase the system viscosity


Performance characteristics


After the paint is dry, the water will not leave traces


Carbot White Carbon Black CAB-O-SIL TS-530 Processed Fumed Silica is an excellent anti-settling agent in the coating system and rarely increases system viscosity, especially in high solids systems Useful, Cabot White Carbon Black CAB-O-SIL TS-530 is a high surface area fumed silica that has been surface modified with hexamethyldisilazane. Cabo White Carbon Black CAB-O-SIL TS-530 After this treatment, some of the hydroxyl groups on the silica surface are replaced, so that the hydrophobicity of the silica is improved and the hydrophobicity of the silica with the non-treated silica Very different performance. Cabo white carbon black CAB-O-SIL TS-530 treatment (hydrophobic) paint dry after the water will not leave traces.


Hexamethyldisilazane for surface modification


Cabo White Carbon Black CAB-O-SIL TS-530 plays a role in fluidization (free fluidization) in powder coatings. Smooth and low-volume powder stability and transport efficiency, high gloss in varnish Variable control, anti-sagging, leveling, scratch resistance. In the liquid coating in the anti-sagging, rheological control, anti-settlement, metal scale orientation, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, moisture. UV curing spit all system anti-sagging, rheological control!


Hydrophilic type: (non-compressed type) M-5, PTG, MS-55, H-5, HS-5, EH-5, L-90, LM-130, LM-


Compression type: LM-150D, M-7D, MS-750;


Hydrophobic type: (surface treatment model) TS-720, TS-610, TS-530;


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