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UV-234 UV absorbers
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Basic characteristics TINUVINò234 is a high molecular weight hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole UV absorber, a large number of polymers with excellent light stability.


Chemical name: 2- (2H-benzotriazol-2-yl) -4,6-bis (1-methyl-1-phenylethyl) phenol


Chemical Abstracts: 70321-86-7


Structure: TINUVINò234


Molecular weight: 447.6 g / mol

The scope of application is very effective for polymers that need to be processed at high temperatures and which can not have UV absorption losses such as polycarbonate, polyester, polyacetal, polyamide, polyphenylene sulfide, polyphenylene oxide, aromatic Copolymers, thermoplastic polyurethanes, polyurethane fibers, and polyvinyl chloride, styrene monomeric and copolymers. Can be applied to mold, film, sheet and fiber.


Features Low volatility, high light absorption, good compatibility with the base material. These features make this product particularly suitable for large surface objects such as films and fibers. TINUVINò234 protects polymers and pigments from ultraviolet radiation, increasing and preserving their performance and appearance.


TINUVINò234 is licensed for contact with foodstuffs in many polymer applications and is particularly suitable for use in contact with food packaging materials, user health care products and pharmaceutical products to protect packaging materials from the adverse effects of light radiation.

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