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IRGANOX 1135 Antioxidant
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Application: Suitable for all kinds of polymers with excellent performance of antioxidants


Applications: IRGANOX 1135 is suitable for a variety of polymer performance of the antioxidant. For polyurethane foam, it prevents polyols from generating peroxide during storage and prevents scorching during the foaming process.


Application guidelines: IRGANOX 1135 is usually recommended between 0.15% and 0.5%. Because it can be pumped or injected to add, easy to use and effective mixing. IRGANOX 1135 is easy to emulsify and can be dissolved, dispersed or maintained in pure liquid during processing. (E.g., IRGANOX 5057) or with a synergistic stabilizer (e.g., phosphite, phosphonate, thioether, hydroxylamine, lactone) and a light stabilizer (e.g., ultraviolet Absorbent, hindered amine), the effect is better. Consult our technical service personnel regarding the application of performance data.


Product features: low volatility and excellent compatibility


Basic Features: IRGANOX 1135 is a 100% active liquid hindered phenol antioxidant for polyols, polyurethanes and other polymers.


Performance advantages: IRGANOX 1135 both excellent oxidation resistance and liquid additives can be pumped with the convenience of transport. Due to its low volatility and excellent compatibility, it is particularly effective in the use of polyurethane forced air cooling. This feature also prevents the use of products on the surface of the car fog and textile coloring (such as: furniture, carpets, etc.). The low volatility and liquid state of the IRGANOX 1135 are particularly suitable for use in a single liquid, emulsion, suspension, solution or melt polymer manufacturing process. IRGANOX 1135 can be added prior to polymerization, during polymerization and after polymerization.


Packing: 180kg / barrel

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