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Sago® - 3209 Effects of organic silicon surface additives
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Sago® - 3209 is a polyether modified silicone compounds, cost-effective. It has excellent compatibility with most resin systems and has no adverse effect on repainting. Sago® - 3209 ability to reduce the surface tension of the medium, as flow ping agent with very good flow property. It increases surface slippage and resistance to scratches and adhesion. Sago® - 3209 improved dust and spray acceptance, and can keep higher film thickness in perpendicular to the surface. It reduces the flow sensitivity in wood coatings and furniture coatings, Sago® - 3209 prevented boehner, vortex generation and improve the matting agent.

Physical chemical parameter

Composition: polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane copolymer solution

Appearance: light yellow to green transparent viscous solution

Dosage of adjuvant: 0.01-0.15 percent of total formula

Typical materialized data: non-volatile: >97 %

Details: by reducing the coating surface tension to provide for good substrate wetting difficult substrate wetting and good anti shrinkage performance of efficient additives organic silicon surface. It also increases surface slippage and resistance to scratch and adhesion. Sago® - 3209 with Sago® - 3201 the same characteristics, because it is no solvent, so it needs first used for solvent-free system or requirements of additives for solvent system, this kind of additives are also suitable for water-borne coatings.

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