• General situation of product
  • Applicable scope
  • Performance and characteristics
  • Technical indicators

The main purpose:


1. Construction: As a water-retaining agent for cement mortar, the retarder makes the mortar pumped. In the plaster, gypsum material, putty powder or other building materials as a binder, improve the smear and extend the operating time. Used as a paste tile, marble, plastic decoration, paste enhancer, can also reduce the amount of cement. HPMC's water retention properties allow the slurry to crack after cracking and enhance hardening.


2. Ceramic manufacturing industry: in the manufacture of ceramic products are widely used as adhesives.


3. Coating industry: in the paint industry as a thickener, dispersant and stabilizer, in water or organic solvents are in good compatibility. As a paint remover.


4. Ink printing: In the ink industry as a thickener, dispersant and stabilizer, in water or organic solvents have a good compatibility.


5. Plastic: forming mold release agent, softener, lubricant and so on.


6. Polyvinyl chloride: polyvinyl chloride production as a dispersant, the suspension polymerization of PVC preparation of the main additives.


7. Other: This product is also widely used in leather, paper products industry, fruit and vegetable preservation and textile industry.

1, Appearance: white or almost white powder.


2, particle size; 100 mesh pass rate greater than 98.5%; 80 head pass rate greater than 100%.


3, carbonization temperature: 280-300 ° C


4, apparent density: 0.25-0.70 / cm3 (usually about 0.5g / cm3), the specific gravity of 1.26-1.31.


5, color temperature: 190-200 ℃


6, surface tension: 2% aqueous solution is 42-56 dyn / cm.


7, soluble in water and some solvents, such as the appropriate proportion of ethanol / water, propanol / water, trichloroethane and so on. The aqueous solution has a surface activity. High solubility, stable performance, different specifications of the product gel temperature is different, the solubility varies with viscosity, the lower the viscosity, the greater the solubility, different specifications HPMC its performance has some differences, HPMC dissolved in water is not affected by the PH value.


8, HPMC with the methoxy content decreased, the gel point increased, decreased water solubility, surface activity also decreased.


9, HPMC also has the ability to thicken, low salt tolerance, PH stability, water retention, dimensional stability, excellent film-forming, and a wide range of resistance to enzymes, dispersibility and adhesion characteristics.

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