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PAMID D650 Thixotropic agent
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product information:


PAMID D650 is a high performance micronized amide wax thixotropic agent; especially for room temperature curing epoxy primer development, mainly for heavy anti-corrosion paint, ship paint. Such as: epoxy primer, chlorine rubber and alkyd system. Excellent anti-sinking, sagging performance and good recoatability (no interlayer adhesion problems).



• 100% active ingredient, excellent price / performance ratio


• A good balance of shear strength change / viscosity recovery results in a good leveling of the coating


• Very good recoatability


• Very good anti-sag effect


• Persistent anti-settling effect


• Good storage stability

Technical Parameters:


Appearance: white powder


Particle size distribution: 90% <15 μm


Melting point: 120-130 ° C


Compared with the traditional organic wax rheological agent, PAMID D650 to overcome the anti-thick, fake thick precipitation and other ills.


Recommended dosage: 0.5 - 1.5%

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