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PAMID 810 Thixotropic agent
  • General situation of product
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product information:


PAMID D810 is a polyamide resin dispersed in the mineral oil paste. It is very easy to mix with many base materials or solvents, but also has a long-term stability to maintain the structure of thixotropy. Can be added directly to a solvent-based or solvent-free coating. Such as: wet curing polyurethane system.



PAMID D810 can be used in almost all solvent-based systems. For example: acrylic / melamine, polyurethane coating, epoxy, tar / epoxy, chlorinated rubber, vinyl or unsaturated resin and other systems.

feature of product:


1, without pre-activation and control of temperature, easy to disperse; apply after the addition


2, minimal impact on gloss and weatherability


3, with the solvent and binder compatibility, storage stability


4, easy to combine with the resin strong durable anti-sagging, anti-settling performance

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