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Solid grinding special floor milling machine
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Scope of application:

Removal of concrete, asphalt roads, epoxy, wear the higher parts of the ground or mild to the ground

To remove the ground coating, paint, a variety of road marking (especially for the removal of high-grade highway pavement marking)

Ground damage, dirt needs to be renovated, remove the old floor surface

Asphalt paving operations when the flatness of the joints


The milling width is designed to be 200mm

Long-life milling drums with six knife shafts, with a wide range of tool options for handling various materials

With the depth of the dial, the use of precision pitch adjustment, can accurately control the milling depth

With a larger weight, equipped with high-powered engine and motor, the most suitable for the amount of large-scale milling work

With a vacuum interface, can be connected to dust equipment

Patented tool holder for quick disassembly design for tool mounting or removal in 5 minutes

Equipped with safety switch, can quickly turn off the engine

Device parameters

1. Milling width: 200 mm

2. Milling depth: 3mm - 5 mm

3. Milling drum assembly: can be changed

4. Depth control: adjustable 5. Number of milling cutter shaft: 6

6. Work efficiency: 100 ㎡ / h

7. Length X Width X Height: 980mm x 490mm x 1000mm

8. Weight: 107Kg

9. Optional power: motor: 7.5KW / internal combustion engine: Honda GX270 / 9.0 HP

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