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Solid grinding special floor industrial vacuum cleaner
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Product Description:

【304 stainless steel barrels, non-human damage within 5 years Baohuan! To

● FV series of industrial vacuum cleaner for the heavy industry in the field of continuous design and design;

● set a manual dust device, dust bag dust more convenient;

● equipped with cyclone separation device, dust fast, dust bag life extension;

● "star" polyester needle pressure light filter bag, filter area increases;

● International cast aluminum alloy turbine, with CE & 3C certification, durable, long working hours, low noise, fast heat dissipation;

● Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, mechanical processing, ceramic processing, metal processing, chemical production and other environments.

● electrical control components using overheating overload protection, product quality to be protected;

● Movable with brake casters.

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