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F550A / F550B Epoxy Floor Grinding Machine
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Product Description and Application:

F550A / F550B heavy grinding machine is mainly used for large or medium range ground grinding treatment, there are A type (960 r / min) and B type (1960 r / min) two models of choice. It can effectively polish the concrete surface (type A) and (B type) old epoxy coating, etc., with light, flexible, high efficiency. Is to do high-speed rail project beam precision correction grinding and floor works of the ideal equipment.

Product Features

1. Depth adjustment handle can be lightly adjusted grinding depth, smooth and reliable operation.

2. Designed dust removal device, can be connected to cleaners for dust-free operation.

3. Fuselage to provide a dedicated vacuum cleaner power supply socket, to avoid the need for two cables when the trouble, convenient and simple.

4. Overload electrical protection, circuit breaker effectively prevent the motor overheating and lead to damage. The use of 380v power supply grinding machine to provide you with the whole worry-free long grinding operation.

5. Long life design, the use of rubber connector to connect the grinding disc, completely avoid the use of equipment for some time due to mechanical wear caused by vibration.

6. To avoid the disc and the ground hard contact, completely solve the grinding disc partial grinding, grinding disc and ground contact area is small and uneven phenomenon. So that the life of the polished plate longer, more polished area.

7. Simple and comfortable operation, low labor intensity. According to the handling of the ground attached to 10KG with heavy iron.

8. Provide coarse, medium and fine three diamond grinding disc, the user can choose according to different grass-roots ground. You can also choose a cheaper combination of discs, the use of lower cost.

Technical Parameters

model       F550A         F550B

power       5.5KW        5.5KW

Voltage       380V 50Hz     380V 50Hz

weight       139kg          139kg

Rotating speed       960rpm       1960rpm

Working width    250mm       250mm

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