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Sealed concrete curing agent
  • General situation of product
  • Applicable scope
  • Performance and characteristics
  • Technical indicators

Scope of application

Industrial floor, workshop floor, supermarket floors, concrete parking lot, highway, airport runway, concrete walls, sports center, all based on concrete or cement mortar at the grass-roots level.

HL sealed concrete curing agent can improve:

Concrete, stone, plaster, mortar, concrete products such as comprehensive performance;

Concrete surface hardness and density of 33.3%. Thus reducing heavy machinery on the ground broken;

Bending strength, tinting strength, and other materials of adhesive strength.

HL sealed concrete curing agent can stop:

Mixed plastics, rupture of shrinkage, crimp, peeling and split;

Internal screw no reinforcement corrosion;

Alkaline weathering;

Acid rain or infiltration of pollutants cause discoloration, deterioration of concrete.

Sealed concrete curing agent can HL resistance:

Up to 98% of water and water vapor pressure;

Highways and various oxide at sea, oil, gas, acid, solvent, bacteria and ultraviolet erosion caused by the temperature difference of stripping, expansion. Spallation.

Sealed concrete curing agent can prevent HL:

All sorts of toxic gas diffusion;

50% to 90% of the internal oxides;

Rust and water pollutant contamination, thereby reducing maintenance costs;

Lichen, moss and other raw surface growth, eliminating the regular removal is necessary.

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