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Cold roof insulation waterproof coating (high spring type)
  • General situation of product
  • Applicable scope
  • Performance and characteristics
  • Technical indicators

Cold roof insulation waterproof coating (high spring type) system, is by my GuangDe remit dragon paint industry co., LTD., design research and development, and at the same time has a variety of performance such as waterproof, heat insulation and cooling, reflective heat insulation effect is prominent, this product is non-toxic, for the green environmental protection and energy saving coatings.

Scope of application

Suitable for all kinds of engineering projects construction of roof energy saving, and a variety of old and new protection of external wall decoration, including tanks, silos, iron and other surfaces must be isolated from sun radiate to heat up.

Product advantage

1, high elastic good fracture elongation and tensile strength

Excellent flexibility to adapt to the deformation of roof able to withstand people walking on the roof of the.

2, high elastic any environment can keep excellent performance

Excellent long-term aging resistance;

Direct sunlight, water, hail, snow, stains, footprints, etc.;

Including some of the extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold, dry and wet alternation.

3, high elastic excellent water resistance

In the case of long time of soaking, no swelling, no bubbles, not from the base material.

4, high elastic, excellent long-term fouling resistance

Maintain high sunlight than to long-term energy saving ability.

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