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LC - 113 epoxy resin, the bottom coating curing agent
  • General situation of product
  • Applicable scope
  • Performance and characteristics
  • Technical indicators

A detailed description

A, the curing agent has excellent characteristics of resistance to oil, acid, water, and epoxy resin and diluent

Mixture mixed coating, can be used as pharmaceutical factory, electronics factory and other bottom coating curing agent of epoxy floor paint.

Second, low toxic amine as curing agent for epoxy, can be widely used in epoxy floor paint in the middle and lower.

Three, curing agent has good flexibility characteristics of LC - 113, can change the brittleness of the original amine curing agent.

Four, LC - 113 curing agent with low cost advantage, and with the epoxy resin solution is very good, has the good anti-corrosion performance, adhesive performance, high strength, is a suitable for the excellent performance of epoxy floor paint coat curing agent.

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