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JH - 014 - A/B complete solventless epoxy floor paint
  • General situation of product
  • Applicable scope
  • Performance and characteristics
  • Technical indicators

Product introduction:

JH - 014 - a/B solventless epoxy resin their flat paint is a two-component solventless epoxy system, mainly used in surface coating, USES the import high quality epoxy resin and curing agent made from carefully. Suitable for light to medium load industrial floor, such as machinery, electronics, medicine, food, light textile industry such as warehouse, workshop, can also be used for higher requirements of big stores, offices, etc.

Main performance:

1, colour is gorgeous, adornment effect is excellent.

2, good mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance, durable service life.

3, curing stability, good flowing property, easy construction.

4, no dust, no dust, easy cleaning, the choice of purification workshop

5, chemical character: resistant to sodium chloride, ferric chloride, copper sulfate salts, such as ammonia, animal and plant oil, gasoline, diesel, oil, chemical medium such as citric acid (10%)

6, can make the light products or dumb light products.

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