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TS-6300 PE plastic coated fence
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The inside part uses the low carbon galvanized wire, while the plastic external part is coated with PE,woven into a net with certain hardness. It is applied in many places, such as playground, guardrail, fences and so on. Because PE plastic coated fence weaving process is special, so after the installation is completed, this network has some flexibility, which is protective for the athletes, It has been widely used in school playground.

Material: High standard low carbon galvanized iron wire,environmentally friendly, and has strong flexibility.

Plastic:Imported high-density HDPE package, never added renewable raw materials, slow down aging, prevent rust, effectively ensure the life of the product

Synthesis:300 degree heat plastics, makes the inner wire and the surface of the plastic stick closely, prevent air infiltration, prevent oxidation due to rust from the inside out, and ensure longer product life.

Thickness: High temperature plastify extrusion and stable rotation speed. The thickness of the plastic surface is maintained at more than 0.6mm

Color: Multi-color UA raw materials held by the anti-hybrid technology, keeping the color longer and brighter.

PE Design Standard

Product Model:

Economical type: inner diameter:2.1mm, external diameter:3.6mm, mesh:45*45(±3mm)(Normal Site Used) mesh:50*50(±3mm)

Universal type: inner diameter:2.3mm, external diameter:3.6mm, mesh:45*45(±3mm)(Normal Site Used) mesh:50*50(±3mm)

Standard type:inner diameter:2.5mm, external diameter:3.8mm, mesh:45*45(±3mm)(2010 Guangzhou  Asian Games Tennis Court Used) mesh:50*50(±3mm)

Enhanced type: inner diameter:2.1mm, external diameter:3.6mm, mesh:50*50(±3mm)

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