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Polished concrete protective agent series
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Product introduction:

Low BNKb - Ⅰ protectants (oily high strength) is the nano coating resin was synthesized from high quality raw materials imported from Japan materials, rapid response, and surface through chemical bonding with the substrate firmly with, after the film generated with the physical, chemical, dual protection of nano coating.

Low BNKb - Ⅱ protectants (water-based high strength) is a water-based nano coating resin, the product is strong chemical resistance, coating with high hardness and excellent abrasion resistance, acid, alkali, salt, oil and other chemicals corrosion performance. Products are nontoxic and harmless, no pollution, long service life, integrated performance reached the international advanced level, is to meet the requirements of green environmental protection high-tech products.

Low BNKb - Ⅲ protectants (7) concrete protective agent is composed of active silicon and a variety of chemical active substances, using the most sophisticated molecular synthetic technology of synthetic polymer emulsion. Belong to a new generation of highly permeable crystallization type respiratory protective agent, permeate inside the concrete pore and micro crack interface, form the interface layer is hydrophobic and breathable.

Product features:

1, this product is non-toxic, tasteless, not burning, green environmental protection.

2, hydrophobic, permeability is good, under the effect of water vapour has excellent crack self-healing function.

3, which can effectively prevent water erosion and SO3 in the rain, NO2 caused by chemical etching.

4, can effectively restrain the growth of the lichen, moss and mold.

5, improve the structure of both the compressive strength, and maintain the building of the original appearance, prolong the service life.

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