Stadium fence
  • General situation of product
  • Applicable scope
  • Performance and characteristics
  • Technical indicators

A. wire: suitable for various USES high standards of high quality low carbon galvanized steel wire, ensure that the use of customer demand.

B. raw materials imported from the pure high density PE plastic packaging, no mixed filling material and the slightest renewable raw materials composition, ensure the service life of the product and its requirements.

C. package: 300 degrees high temperature plasticizing, the surface layers of lining of low carbon steel wire and plastic tightly paste, susceptible to air infiltration of steel wire surface oxidation and rust from the inside foreign minister, to shorten the life.

D. the thickness of plasticizing extrusion, high temperature stability of rotating speed, plastic surface layer thickness stay above 0.6 mm.

E. color: a variety of pigment powder raw materials synthesis and add special UV resistant materials integral blending technology, to ensure the stability of the product color, for many years, still use surface smooth as a new and beautiful durable.

F. process: special rotary hook weaving threading technology, optimization of mold design, ensure that the product production bend without breaking.

G. life: high density of the original plastic, surface water absorption rate of 0%, resistant to acid and alkali, is longer than ordinary plastic coated fence use fixed number of year 5 ~ 8 years.

H. maintenance: from artificial maintenance and maintenance, by rain wash surface dust fall off naturally, can be dismantled after stop using used as landscaping facilities.

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