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A need to install the lighting lighting stadium, in addition to the indoor lamps and lanterns of roof distribution, outdoor stadium over the lamps and lanterns should be not installed on both sides and ends. General Settings in both WeiDang online outdoor stadium, lamps and lanterns, lighting the scene uniform irradiation on both sides from the stadium. Light intensity of illumination according to the different purposes of field use, each piece, the average illuminance on the tennis court lights shall be above 350 lux.

A special lamp, outdoor stadium

(1) special lamp is made of aluminum alloy material forming outdoor stadium.

(2) special imported reflector in the lamp outdoor stadium.

(3) dedicated outdoor stadium lights on the surface keep stadiums and sports venues supreme illumination, also make the light evenly distributed.

(4) outdoor stadium dedicated lamp shell adopts aluminium alloy production, can be rust and corrosion, improve the life of the lamp.

(5) for outdoor stadium four careful slit lamp level is waterproof, dustproof, protection grade for IP - 65.

(6) for outdoor stadium lights in the process of the athletes in the game was a bright and comfortable, no glare.

(7) light source with 1000-2000 w metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, halogen tungsten lamp.

Two special lamp, indoor stadium

(1) indoor stadium is special lamp is made of aluminum alloy die-casting forming.

(2) special indoor stadium lights outside electrostatic spraying, elegant appearance.

(3) at the bottom of the specialized indoor stadium lights through changing the light bulb, fast and convenient.

(4) indoor stadium dedicated lamp lighting through the ceiling of the reflective cloth, light reflection to the ground, reflection area is large, to achieve the effect of venues brightness.

(5) indoor stadium dedicated lamp to make the athletes feel bright and comfortable in the process of game, no glare.

(6) to adapt to all kinds of special lamp, indoor stadium used high-grade indoor tennis court.

(7) light source with 1000-2000 w metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, halogen tungsten lamp.

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