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YZ25-4 four - wheel concrete laser paving leveling machine
  • General situation of product
  • Applicable scope
  • Performance and characteristics
  • Technical indicators

Application scope

1. Indoor floor:

1, industrial plants, workshops, automated warehouse.

2, electronic appliances, food materials, medicine and other clean plant. Large storage supermarkets, logistics centers, exhibition centers and so on.

2. Outdoor floor:

1, terminals, container yard, yard yard,

2, airport runway, apron, parking lot,

3, square, residential ground, municipal roads and so on.

product advantages

1, reduce labor costs, double to improve efficiency.

Traditional craft construction more, need to support the template (channel), RBI, paving. Need about 20 people. Construction area of ??700 square feet per day.

The total number of concrete laser leveling machines is less than half of the traditional process. Single operation. Daily construction area of ??2500 level --- 3500 level, greatly reducing the cost of manpower.

2, laser on the point, high precision, low error.

The traditional process leveling need to support the template to control the ground elevation, pull control line. Elevation error. The level of the floor and flatness can not be guaranteed.

The use of laser-to-point transmitter, suitable for large-scale one-time paving. There are laser measurement and control system real-time control of the elevation, leveling does not need to pull the line, the middle does not need to control the ground plate side elevation. Which avoids the elevation error caused by the vibration of the template (channel) during the construction process, and also reduces the elevation error caused by the traditional artificial manual block.

3, flatness and overall better.

The traditional process of construction, one day model, one day watering, only one piece of a jump construction, limitations, can not continuous operation, and the integrity is not good, easy to cause the accumulation of construction joints error.

Concrete laser leveling machine for a large area of ??the floor one-time overall paving, efficiency and overall higher, the completion of the floor to make the overall integrity of the ground, which is completely impossible to build the traditional.

4, the ground is more compact and uniform.

4000 times per minute high-frequency vibrator, so that the flat head vibrator to produce uniform high-frequency vibrator, making the concrete ground more compact and even.

Performance characteristics

1, intelligent handle mode of operation, flexible operation, single can be construction.

Intelligent handle operation, flexible operation, as you can operate the construction. Mobile steering flexible and convenient, through the handle control walking system.

2, independent four-wheel mobile, convenient and flexible.

Through the electric drive wheel walking system, making the wheels can be independent movement, and the leveling head does not affect each other, the use of manual control of the wheel forward, backward, steering and speed, moving very convenient.

3, the laser transmitter is arranged independently

Large area of ??the overall paving, and to ensure that the ground elevation, the elevation from the motherboard control, will not produce errors, large area block construction, can reduce the construction joints, so that the ground maintenance costs greatly reduced.

4, one of the aviation magnesium alloy leveling head

By the scraper, vibrator, vibration plate, dragon and other components, will stir, leveling, Zhenping, vibrating, and other multi-channel process together, completed by the machine one-time. Improve efficiency, save labor.

5, high-frequency vibrator quality is more stable

4000 times per minute high-frequency vibrator, flat head vibration plate uniform high-frequency vibrator, making the concrete ground is dense and can be avoided due to deformation should be caused by the concentration of the ground crack. Can effectively solve the ground empty drum, from the shell, cracking, inequality.

6, leveling head and body do not affect each other

Can be in the foundation ups and downs and the ground tilt of the double transformation of the case, to maintain the construction of the plane.

7, laser measurement and control system automatic control elevation

The top surface of the floor design of the laser machine with automatic control, can guarantee a very high ground flatness, can be directly on the concrete layer to achieve accurate leveling, the ground flatness from the impact of the construction template vibration, the middle without supporting the template, Input, reduce the construction process, speed up the construction progress.

8, construction time

Hourly construction area of ??300 square meters or more, to complete the workload in the 2500-3500 square meters per day, greatly enhance the operating efficiency.

Walking mode

Four wheel drive


Kohler EH650DS Gasoline Engine

Paving thickness


Length X Width Xheight


Vibration speed




Vibration plate width




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