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2017-03-03ShangHai YueZhou and I success

March 3, 2017 Shanghai Yue Zhou Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. and Octagon successfully signed a network of three stations, album packages.


Shanghai Yue Zhou Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a new building materials research and development, design and production and sales as one of the integrated floor enterprises, mainly to undertake epoxy floor, carborundum wear-resistant floor, concrete sealant floor, art Decorative floor, garage floor, sports floor floor, parking facilities and other ancillary facilities, so far the company has to undertake the construction of millions of square meters of floor and design, customers have been widely recognized.


The company has domestic professional floor engineering solutions, advanced construction technology, first-class construction team, wholeheartedly for customers to provide quality construction services and technical guidance. The company has completed a number of outstanding enterprises and institutions of the floor project, we use high-quality, hard service to win the trust of many customers and praise, and gradually establish a good company brand.


Company decision-makers always stand in the forefront of the times, pay close attention to the development of advanced technology and technology at home and abroad, through continuous improvement of the company's construction level, so that I became the domestic floor industry leader. Company to "professionalism, integrity, thinking, and strive" for the spirit of enterprise, "with professional heart, do professional things" for the company's work attitude of each employee, and strive to provide our clients with quality products, create clean space, , The working environment, which is all the members of our company has been pursuing.


Shanghai Yue Zhou Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has always been to quality of survival, to the credibility of development, to serve for efficiency. And the community is willing to friends sincere cooperation, create brilliant!