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JiNing Yugong and I successfully signed

February 20, 2017 Jining City, Royal Floor Engineering Co., Ltd. and Octagon success of the successful signing of the website album.


Is a professional company mainly engaged in the production, sale, design and construction of various types of floor works. The main construction projects include: Epoxy (Epoxy), Epoxy Floor series, carborundum wear-resistant floor series, curing agent floor series, all kinds of golf course floor series, decorative art floor series. Since the establishment of the company, with a strong technical force, strong economic strength, advanced technology design and quality of engineering design to undertake a lot of projects.


I will be "to seek business to Germany, a pioneering pioneering spirit" for the spirit of enterprise, in the "credibility of the first, the customer first" a principle of service, construction "in line with customer aspirations, catch up with the pace of the times, low-cost high level "The floor project to return customers. The company has a strong, experienced management, design, construction team, to provide customers with a full range of services, through continuous research and development, investment, to meet changing customer needs. Quality is our dignity, the imperial workers, the customer relationship, service quality and product technology, quality is as important, therefore, customers and our products are full of confidence!


I will spare no effort to promote the development of high-tech ground cause, and will make the industry more standardized, for the majority of customers and friends of the community love to pay a satisfactory answer.


The company would like to thank the community for the concern and support of friends, the company is willing to work with the community: "mutual benefit and common development" principle, the establishment and development of cooperative partnership, work together for a better and prosperous future.