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2017-2-24HuNan Jianhong and I successful

February 24, 2010 Hunan Jianhong Sports Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. and Octagon success of the signing of a network of three stations


Hunan Jianhong Sports Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is a set of design, sales and construction in one, committed to the sports facilities venues, municipal, garden green road pavement system, industrial, commercial coating floor system new technology, new materials, New technology promotion and application of science and technology construction company limited company.


The company specializes in ----


1, sports facilities venues design and construction (runway series: breathable, compound type, mixed type, all plastic, prefabricated, EPDM particle runway, flexible acrylic runway, TPU all-shaped runway, SPU all-shaped runway, Series: silicone PU, acrylic, elastic PVC, maple and oak wood flooring, floating assembly flooring. Artificial grass football field and the door field series, landscape grass series).


2, industrial and commercial floor design and construction (wear-resistant floor series, curing the floor series, epoxy floor series, PVC and rubber flooring series).


3, municipal and garden green road, bicycle road surface system design and construction (color permeable concrete series, color permeable asphalt series, color non-slip pavement series, dew material permeable concrete, color sticky stone series!


"Small business, big as" is the goal of our struggle! The "Honesty work, integrity of life" is our fundamental! The