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Industrial epoxy floor paint construction is not good grass-roots processing will have any consequen

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Our floor paint construction companies often before construction will emphasize the rigor and necessity of basic level processing, this is mainly because in epoxy floor paint when construction, due to the nature of epoxy floor paint coating itself, make its construction is very strict, especially the construction of the first step at the grassroots level processing, is a very important step in the whole construction project. So what are the bad consequences if the construction of epoxy floor paint is not addressed to the requirements? Then I will tell you about wuhan jinxiu.


Epoxy floor paint construction at the grassroots the final thickness is about 12 mm, the thinnest thickness is only about 1 mm or so, this kind of thin coating construction on the concrete at the grass-roots level, wrapped in concrete, concrete protection, improve the hardness, wear resistance and permeability resistance of concrete, and so on. After the construction of epoxy floor paint, the cleanliness and brightness of the environment can be improved. In many industries in our country, the relevant departments of the production plant require it to use the clean epoxy floor paint to assist the production.


Epoxy floor paint is a thin film attached to the cement base, so the quality of the grass is also influenced by the performance of epoxy floor paint and its service life. However, in the construction, there are still many construction companies that have not attached importance to the grass-roots treatment, even ignoring the treatment of the surface of the floor. For example, before the construction of the concrete flattening, it will lead to the construction of the epoxy floor paint uneven, the hardness and the service life greatly reduced; Did not clean cement base before construction, construction of the epoxy floor paint can result in epoxy floor paint film is rough, the problem such as short service life, not to have broken before use, sag repair at the grassroots level is a direct result of epoxy floor paint after construction can't use, and so on.